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Our lack of Vader discussion was disturbing, so we decided to bust out a Darth Vader two-parter!

Join us for part 1 and dive deep into the personhood of Darth Vader.

If it weren't for that nice man on Tatooine finally testing that poor kid's blood for juvenile diabeetus, we wouldn't have a story and you wouldn't have a definitive answer for what the plural of 'menace' is.

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He knows when to hold em, knows when to fold em, knows when to don a silk cape, knows when to get it dry cleaned.

Join us and learn about the man and the mystery behind Lando Calrissian. We also give the Marvel Lando comics our stamp of new-canon approval. We know we’re not a Star Wars review podcast. We’re altering the deal. Pray we don’t alter it any further.

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After a months-long embedded assignment within the Stormtrooper academy, we’re back! Inspired by a listener question, in this episode, we explore the good, the bad and the useless Stormtrooper lore.


  • The waning numbers of clones within the ranks
  • A utility belt that puts Batman to shame
  • Stormtrooper taxonomy
  • Is that a Thermos of soup on their back?
  • The real reason why they’re such bad shots

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains mild Marvel Star Wars spoilers and a lot of Force Awakens conjecture that’s been rendered obsolete since trailer 3. 

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